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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about stirring and pumping. Your question is not listed yet? No problem.
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How do I winterize my agricultural agitator?
Why is it important that the propeller is completely immersed in the substrate during operation?
Which stirring time and interval is required?
Which parameters effect the choice of the right agitator in biogas plants?
What is a slurry mixer?
Which agitator do I need?
What does the speed of a geared agitator depend on and how is it related to the agitator propeller size?
What does modular construction mean?
Why is it necessary to stir manure / digestate before spreading?
What effect does the agitator propeller geometry have on the agitating process?
What is biogas?
What are the reasons for stirring in a biogas plant?
For which dry matter contents are SUMA agitators designed?