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What is a slurry mixer?

Animal farming produces slurry, which is spread on farmland or grassland as a fertilizer. Since the slurry is generated permanently, it must be temporarily stored in slurry tanks, silos or pits. As a … further information

Which agitator do I need?

The question of the right agitator cannot be answered in a general way. The choice of the right agitator depends on many factors such as:
  • Application
    In the biogas or industrial sector, different …
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How do I winterize my agricultural agitator?

To ensure the slurry mixer works as normal in spring, follow this useful guideline on how to properly store it during the winter months:


  • Deinstall the agitator propeller: Unscrew the 3 …
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What does the speed of a geared agitator depend on and how is it related to the agitator propeller size?

The rotational speed depends on the viscosity of the substrate. With viscous substrates, slower agitator propeller rotations are more efficient. The speed, in conjunction with the motor power, … further information

What does modular construction mean?

SUMA agitators are manufactured in modular design. Individual components, such as agitator propellers, bearings, tubes, frames, drive shafts and seals are of modular design and thus enable the … further information

What effect does the agitator propeller geometry have on the agitating process?

The agitator propeller is an important component of an agitator. Depending on the application, direction of rotation and power requirements, different types of agitator propellers with different … further information

What is biogas?

Biogas is an energy-rich gas mixture. It is produced by the natural decomposition of organic material in the absence of air. The process is called anaerobic fermentation. In principle, any organic or … further information

What are the reasons for stirring in a biogas plant?

Proper mixing of the substrate must be ensured for several reasons:
  • Mixing in fresh substrate
  • Mixing of a bacteria with the organic material
  • Even distribution of heat and nutrients within the …
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For which dry matter contents are SUMA agitators designed?

SUMA covers a wide range of applications due to the different designs of the agitators. The agitator GIANTMIX AMX, which is available in versions for mounting on the tank wall or for top mounting for … further information