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What effect does the agitator propeller geometry have on the agitating process?

The agitator propeller is an important component of an agitator. Depending on the application, direction of rotation and power requirements, different types of agitator propellers with different diameters are used. In principle, a distinction is made between pressure blades (the medium is pushed away from the propeller) and suction blades (the medium is pulled towards the propeller). 

Due to constructional specifications, the propeller diameter is sometimes kept constant and only the pitch of the agitator propeller is changed. A higher pitch then generates greater thrust, but also requires greater motor power. Different materials and coatings can be selected depending on the substrate. In addition to galvanized or painted steel, stainless steel in ss304 or ss316, polymer-coated and sprayed, armoured versions are also used. SUMA thus offers its customers more than 540 different high-performance propellers so that the right agitator propeller can be selected for every requirement.

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