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SUMA 2-Flügler Rührflügel

The exact propeller size and optimized, radius dependent angle of the blades are critically important for the performance of agitators.

To optimize the performance of its propellers, SUMA built a test basin, so that flow velocity, axial force and power consumption can be measured under real conditions. The measured values can then be compared with the results of CFD simulations, validating the model results.

Shorter agitation times and reduced power consumption can be realized by the optimization of the propeller blades.

The optimized and dynamically balanced SUMA propellers are also suitable for use on older SUMA mixers and these and can be upgraded on demand.

The high performance, push and suction propellers can be used depending on the application conditions and rotation direction and power requirements.

High performance propeller (HD+)

SUMA Rührflügel HD

Push propeller (D)

SUMA Rührflügel Druckflügel

Suction propeller (S)

SUMA Rührflügel Saugflügel