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SUMA has been designing purpose built mixers and agitators in the biogas, liquid manure and waste water treatment for years. Our concept is to make a low maintenance, high capacity agitator using the latest technology and innovation on the market. SUMA designs and manufactures the majority of our components in-house leveraging the highest quality and control of our products. In turn this allows us to offer additional customized solutions to fit your specific needs because we can conceptualize, design, construct and manufacture all of it in-house.

Thanks to our experience building agitators for decades, we have been able to build up a concept that can meet the demands of tomorrow.

SUMA has been designing purpose built mixers and agitators in the biogas, liquid manure and waste water treatment industry since 1957. Nearly all of our parts have been developed, designed and fabricated in-house with our sophisticated set of modern machinery.

At SUMA, we have been absolutely focused on product technology, quality and modularity that we even machine our own tools and devices for parts production. This allows us to adapt to new directions in the industry and continuously influence the direction of our product offering.

With decades of experience in water, manure, and other bio-waste agitation; we believe that we offer the best range of products to meet your specific agitation needs. Additionally, SUMA offers the flexibility to help solve difficult agitation problems with economical custom built solutions.

SUMA has developed a purpose built modular system to meet the demands of your business. Individual components of our product line can be easily replaced, upgraded, serviced or repaired for other SUMA components. Such as propellers, bearings, tubes, frames, drive shaft and seals; they are all part of our modular design.

With even the shortest notice, SUMA can respond to your businesses demands with a custom solution. This kind of forward thinking has also made yearly servicing our agitators extra easy on you and your business. Most of all, when you own and operate a SUMA mixer or agitator older models and components can be upgraded with newer components.