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What is a slurry mixer?

Animal farming produces slurry, which is spread on farmland or grassland as a fertilizer. Since the slurry is generated permanently, it must be temporarily stored in slurry tanks, silos or pits. As a result of the storage, floating layers form due to sedimentation. Stirring slurry is essential before spreading it on the fiel. Slurry mixers are used to stir up the slurry. On one hand, mixing avoids the formation of floating layers, in turn enabling the substrate to be pumpable and flowable. Furthermore, stirring ensures that the slurry is homogenized, i.e. optimally mixed. This enables the best possible distribution of nutrients. SUMA has a wide range of slurry mixers for high tanks, open or closed pits, slatted floors and ring or slalom channels. 

SUMA slurry mixers are available with different drive types: 

For an overview and further information on slurry mixers for the agricultural sector, please visit the page: Slurry mixers for the agricultural sector



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