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Pressura LW

Stirring, mixing, homogenising, pumping, filling

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Technical data

PRESSURA LW 55 LW 75 LW 110 LW 150 LW 220 LW 300
Rated power [kW] 5.5 7.5 11.0 15.0 22.0 30.0
Rotation speed [rpm] 1,458 1,458 1,458 1,458 1,458 1,458
Max. pumping rate [m3/h] 192 231 291 350 440 531
Max. head [m] 15 17 20 22 26 30
Ø Impeller [mm] 200 211 235 250 270 287
Flange connection [DN] 100 100 125 125 150 150

More product information

The Pressura LW long-shaft pump handles classic applications like stirring, mixing, homogenising, pumping over and filling with ease. The pump is designed for pit depths from 1.5 to 8.0 metres.

The long shaft pump LW is available in power ratings between 5.5 kW and 30.0 kW. The energy-efficient IE3 or IE4 motors provide the required power.

The long shaft pump is available with or without nozzle. The nozzles allow stirring and mixing of the substrate and help dissolve floating and sinking layers. The agitator nozzle is vertically and horizontally adjustable, which makes it flexibly adaptable to the conditions and requirements. The height of the nozzle attachment is also variable.

Wall mount
Adjustable wall brackets are used for easy fixing to the tank wall, regardless of its geometry.

The pump is also available with lifting frame for easy transport, lowering and lifting.

Application example

Versions / Details

Tank concrete Top

Open Tank

Suitable for following tanks

Tank concrete Top Open Tank Steel Tank Open Lagoon

Suitable for