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the suma energy concept


SUMA´s energy concept is based on sustainability.

Environmental protection is deeply anchored in our company´s fundamental orientation. SUMA products are used wherever residual materials are reused:
in the production of biogas, treatment and processing of wastewater or when liquid manure is used as fertilizer for farmland. Besides the economic orientation, ecological aspects are crucial in our company. The protection of humans and environment is considered during the entire product life cycle. A comfortable and healthy manufacturing environment, the protection of resources through ecologically responsible production techniques are just as important to us as the safety and cost-effectiveness of our products.


Already in 2012, we installed a photovoltaic system with almost 300 kWp to feed surplus power into the grid. The aim was to offset the growing electricity demand of the machinery. About 40 % of the generated energy was fed into the grid.

Photovoltaics on the roofs of SUMA buildings

Photovoltaics on the roofs of SUMA buildings

New building, new possibilities

SUMA headquarters

Based on a maximum sustainable construction concept, the starting signal was given in 2019 for the realization of the new production hall, which was completed in autumn 2020.

Another, separate power feed no longer made sense with the new building. Consequently, there was a necessity for a stand-alone substation. Additionally, the newly built hall was also equipped with photovoltaics (211 kWp). With the growth, the power requirement has also increased. The new hall is furthermore geothermal heated, which requires a lot of electricity as well.

A commercial storage tank is the logical consequence to temporarily store the energy generated by the photovoltaic system. Overall, the system should cover the annual electricity consumption.

assembly hall for rod agitators

assembly hall for rod agitators

New assembly hall with tube warehouse

New assembly hall

Wardrobe in the new assembly hall

SUMA commercial storage

Canteen CASUMA basement

Canteen CASUMA outdoor area

Food and drink in the canteen

The SUMA Energy concept


Our 50 electric vehicles, which we provide to our employees as company cars, also require a lot of electricity. Employees charge their e-cars in the company car park. In total, 36 charging stations are available. The electricity is produced by our own photovoltaic system, as well. Renewable energy makes e-mobility a coherent overall concept. Electromobility is part of a list of internal ecological measures.

parking garage with charging stations for electric company cars

parking garage with charging stations for electric company cars

E-car company fleet from SUMA

Charging station e-car at SUMA

SUMA economizes and operates sustainably

Beverages are available free of charge for employees and visitors from water dispensers.
Packaging material is made from renewable raw materials wherever possible. Use of plastic has been reduced to a minimum. Disposable or throwaway items such as paper towels have been replaced by textile towels or hand dryers.
We support environmental projects such as the tree planting initiative "Plant for the planet".
Another contribution SUMA does for the environment results from the colorful flowers on the company site. Wildflower meadows are not only nice to look at, but they also contribute enormously to the preservation of many insects and plant species.
We impressively demonstrate with our approach that environmental protection is not a contradiction between social action and economic success.

Flower meadow in front of SUMA test basin