Prepared for the winter: How to winterize your agricultural agitators

Still have to winterize your agricultural agitator?
To ensure that your slurry mixer works as usual in spring, we have summarized practical tips for proper storage during the winter months in a checklist:


Deinstall the agitator propeller: Unscrew the 3 mounting bolts together with the conical spring lock washers (limes type conical spring washers). Remove the agitator propeller.

Clean between fixed and rotating parts: Clean the bearing housing and the agitator propeller with water. (Do not clean the shaft sealing ring or axial face seal with a high-pressure cleaner.)

Version with shaft sealing ring: Inspect the seal ring. If it is corroded, treat it with oil. Replace wearing ring + 2 shaft seal ring if necessary.

Install the agitator propeller back on: Make sure that the the conical spring lock washers (limes type conical spring washer) are ok. Otherwise replace them.

Check the correct distance: Check the distance between the propeller and the scraper and readjust if necessary. Make sure that the distance between the propeller and the scraper is 3 mm.

Tighten the mounting bolts with the correct tightening torque.

Checking the oil level in agitator pipe:

■ Lift the agitator pipe on the agitator end by 10 cm from its horizontal position.

Open the plug on the other end of the pipe.

Check the oil quality in the agitator pipe: If the oil smells like manure, please contact the SUMA-Serviceteam: (Phone: +49 8376 92131 0, Mail: spareparts@suma.de)

Check oil level: Open the oil screw plug, turn the propeller and check whether the slip-on shaft is covered with oil. If the slip-on shaft is not covered with oil, please contact the SUMA service team: (Phone: +49 8376 92131 0, Mail: spareparts@suma.de)

Close the oil screw plug. Use a teflon tape for sealing.

In order to prevent damage to the environment, make sure that no oil drips to the ground.

Please also note the information in your operating manual! SUMA does not accept any liability for the completeness or correctness of the published information.

Download the checklist "How to winterize your agriculture agitator"

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