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Mast gastight wall lead through MGD

Maximum adjustment and gastightness

More details and information about the Mast gastight wall lead through MGD

Technical data

  • Guide mast: 100 x 100 / 120 x 120 / 150 x 150 mm in ss316
  • For depths up to 14 m (other depths on request)
  • Innovative gastight rope lead through
  • Unique cable guidance behind the mast with cable clips and strain relief
  • Base frame with dowels
  • External horizontal rotation of the Optimix via handwheel over slewing ring possible up to 240°
  • Height adjustmend through rope winch and ss316 rope Ø 8 mm
  • Optional height indication for the exact display of the height of the agitator within the tank
  • Optional angle display to determine the exact angle position of the agitator within the tank

More product information

The guide mast with base frame is suitable for tanks with a depths of 14 m.

Horizontal adjustment up to 240°

Cable guidance:
The cable guidance is behind the mast on a Ø 30 mm ss316 guide tube through cable clips.

Long service life:
The MGD is completely manufactured of ss304 and within the gas area of ss316.

High gas-tightness:
Also in the space of the rope lead through thanks to the SUMA grease cartridge out of POM and special grease.

Delivery scope:
Wall support inside and outside the tank, gastight cable- and rope lead throughs, external rope winch with a Ø 8 mm ss316 rope and a handwheel for the vertically adjustment of the agitator.
The robust device is delivered with a wideness of 60 cm to the mast (steel tank) or 120 cm to the mast (concrete tank).

A height indication for the exact display of the agitator-height and the angle display for the exact determination of the angle position of the agitator can be delivered.

Application example

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Steel Tank Container

Suitable for