Giantmix MZR Lagoon

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For a stitrring depth up to 4 m within your lagoon

More details and information about the Giantmix MZR Lagoon

Technical data

  • Tube length 7 meter
  • Tube Ø 121 x 4 mm
  • With pivoting device for vertical adjustment up to ± 180°
  • Inclination through pinion rack
  • Two-stage spur gear for optimized power transmission
  • Star-delta switch or soft-start control
  • Gear with seperated oil chamber

More product information

The Giantmix MZR lagoon is an motor-driven agitator for open lagoons.

With our new propeller type HD+, our Giantmix MZR is more efficient with higher thrust and flow velocity.

With a tube Ø of 121.4 mm and a tube length of 7.0 m, the agitator is very resilient and suitable for a agitation depth up to 4 m.

Because of the pivoting device a vertical adjustment up to 180° in either direction is possible. The inclination is done my pinion rack.

Easy maintenance:
Through the modular design, all parts can fast and easy be replaced.


  • Oil indication glass as service-indicator and for the seal monitoring
  • Mechanical seal SiC/SiC


Application example

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