Giantmix AMT LL

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More details and information about the Giantmix AMT LL

Technical data

AMT 3/5 (135 rpm)
  • Geared Ex-motors of 15.0 or 18.5 kW at 130 rpm (3-phase 50 cycles)
  • For hazerdous zone 2
  • Propeller diameter 1,050 and 1,200 mm in ss304 (V2A), ss316 (V4A) or hardened steel and tube length 4 / 5 m
  • SUMA-damping systems on the barrel mounting wallsupport and in the swivel arm
  • Strengthened sealing plate

More product information

The Giantmix AMT is preferably used for greater fermenter, post digester and gastight end storage tanks.

A big vertically hydraulic inclination of ± 30°.

For higher dry substrate levels are the Giantmix AMT 3 and 5 perfectly adequate. The especially by SUMA developed damping system,  strengthened sealing plate and bigger and strengthened propeller are used.
Also the tube is robust ss316-tube.

Application example

Versions / Details

Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT

Closed Tank

Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT

Tank concrete Top

Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT

Closed Lagoon

Rührwerk Rührgigant AMT

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Closed Lagoon

Suitable for