Optimix 2G mobile

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Fits perfectly in small buildungs

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Technical data

  • 9 kW with propeller speed of 380 rpm
  • Up to 4.0 m sepths
  • Tilt range + / - 110 °
  • Standard chassis 970 mm (narrow 570 mm)
  • Traverse bar for clamping to the vessel top
  • Telescopic tube as an option with limited ceiling height
  • Supplied with star-delta-switch

More product information

When space inside buildings becomes tight, the square tube can be designed as a telescope. A narrow chassis is also available.

The mobile version of the OPTIMIX series with 9.0 kW power is suitable for closed pits up to 4.0 m deep.

The gear has its own oil circuit with Longlife-oil and an oil change interval of 8,000 operation hours.

Stirring operation:
A secured stirring operation through own oil circuits within the gear, motor and bearing flange.

As material for different substrates are galvanized propellers, stainless steel propellers and hardened steel propellers available.


Application example

Tank concrete Top

Optimix 2G mobil Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G mobil Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G mobil Tauchmotor Rührwerk Optimix 2G mobil

Suitable for following tanks

Tank concrete Top

Suitable for