Giantmix AMX

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Long-axis agitator Giantmix AMX for higher dry matter contents

More details and information about the Giantmix AMX

Technical data

  • Ex-motor with 15 / 18,5 / 22 kW for ex-zone 2
  • Spur gear drive, helical teeth, low noise level
  • Damping system with special rubber on cylinder wall bracket and in hinged brackets
  • Oil inspection glas for monitoring the tightness
  • Agitator completely manufactured in modular design
  • Sealing plate 25° optional right/left preset - other versions on request
  • Vertical inclination through hydraulic cylinder + 5° / - 30°
  • POM protection to minimize abrasion
  • Requirement on site: Start Giantmix AMX with frequency converter

More product information

The new Giantmix AMX was especially developed for biogas and industry plants with higher dry matter content up to 16 %.

The massive ss316-tube with a diameter of 220 mm and 8mm wall thickness is vertically adjustable. Because of the oil inspection glass the mechanical seal SiC/SiC can be easily monitored.
The AMX has a robust SUMA spur gear, the proven damping system and high-torque shaft connections.

Application example

Closed Tank

Suitable for following tanks

Closed Tank Tank concrete Top Closed Lagoon

Suitable for