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NEW: GIANTMIX FTX - Efficiency and reliability for difficult substrates

A clear trend has emerged in the biogas industry. In order to achieve a more productive gas yield operators tend to use substrates with higher dry matter content.
We are meeting the changing requirements and are expanding our portfolio of slow-running rod and submersible mixers with the new GIANTMIX FTX.

Due to the high thrust of 6.5 kN, the rod agitator consistently handles substrates with a high solids content. The agitator can be used for up to 15 % dry matter content.
The FTX has a rated power of 15 kW. For the motor, SUMA uses an energy-efficient IE4 motor with a very high efficiency of 93.3 %. The power consumption is thus significantly reduced. In addition, the agitator is eligible for subsidies from the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) due to its high efficiency class, which offers additional savings potential.
In addition to energy efficiency, the focus in the design of the agitator was placed on maximum durability. The tube-in-tube design makes the agitator extremely robust. Installation up to 8 m below the filling level can be realized thanks to an ingenious sealing system.
The rod agitator is available in four lengths of 4.0/ 5.0/ 5.5 and 6.0 meters. This means that the FTX can be used for almost any tank size and shape. The vertical inclination adjustment of + 5° / - 30° by means of a hydraulic cylinder also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility in use.
SUMA relies on the tried and tested three-bladed propeller XT 1200, which has already demonstrated its strengths on the SUMA Optimix 4G 150-150 submersible mixer. With a speed of 135 rpm, the FTX is one of the slow rotating agitators in SUMA's wide product range.
POM protection and scraper plate on the agitator blade bushing prevents abrasion on the bearing flange, protects the mechanical seal and prevents long-fibre media from sticking to the propeller.

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