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Compact submersible mixer OPTIMIX 2A with convincing performance

SUMA is expanding its extensive submersible motor range with a low-power agitator. The newly developed submersible mixer is made entirely of stainless steel and completely meets the requirements of energy-efficient mixing technology for mixing and homogenizing aggressive media. Due to its compact and sturdy design, the impressive thrust and the low investment, the agitator is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and in the biogas sector.

The submersible mixer Optimix 2A impresses with its solid stirring performance. The comparatively high thrust with regard to the low nominal output of 0.8/1.5/2.2 kW clearly demonstrates the know-how of this small submersible mixer.
The propeller of the Optimix 2A, which was specially developed for the agitator, deserves special mention.
The 3-bladed stainless steel propeller is manufactured in a complex embossing process. The diameter is 250 to 380 mm, depending on the version. Speeds of up to 738 rpm can be achieved. The submersible mixer masters dry matter contents of up to 4 % and aggressive media with pH values between 5.5 and 8.2 effortlessly. The agitator does not require a gear. This makes it particularly durable and low-maintenance. Additional safety is provided by the optionally available SUMA POM protection. The proven protective sleeve effectively reduces the abrasion under the bushing, which can occur in the substrate due to long-fibre foreign matter.
The application range of the compact Optimix 2A submersible agitator extends from various industrial sectors such as water and waste water management. But it can also be used in the biogas sector.

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