Central Mixer Z-MIX - More than just an agitator

SUMA launches the Z-MIX, a central agitator, thus expanding its comprehensive agitator technology range. The agitator is designed for use in biogas plants and in various industrial applications such as sewage treatment plants. The Z-MIX is characterized by top quality, high performance and a long service life. The vertical agitator enables an effective and efficient agitating process of various substrates.

Individuality at the highest quality level
In addition to SUMA's submersible and long axis agitators, the new central agitator can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. The Z-MIX is perfectly designed to customer requirements based on vessel geometry, substrate properties and numerous other factors by means of software-supported flow simulations and load capacity calculations. Production is carried out almost exclusively at the company headquarters in Sulzberg in the Allgäu region. Due to the high vertical range of manufacture, adjustments and individualizations can be made at any time. Motor outputs from 5.0 - 24.0 kW are available. Low speeds between 14 and 45 rpm and one to three alternating paddles mix highly viscous liquids without any problems. The flow-optimized paddles are available in sizes between 1.4 and 6.0 m. The free-hanging 4-sided paddle is available in lengths between 5.0 and 25.0 m and is thus also designed for use in large vessels with up to 10,000 m3. To ensure maximum process reliability, the mast and paddle are made of high-alloy V4A. A float switch monitors the installed gas-tight labyrinth seal, which can be filled with water or glycerine. The agitator is equipped with a spherical roller bearing with grease lubrication, whose bearing housing is provided with a maintenance opening. Optionally, the central agitator is available with a bottom bearing. In addition, a wide range of accessories such as collecting devices, flow plates or frequency converters is available.

For smooth new installation, conversion, replacement or maintenance of the Z-MIX, the SUMA service team of experienced specialists is available 24 hours a day.

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